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Bubbles after tinting but not during?

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Hi guys, i've had a poke around at other threads here but alot of them don't have photos to show if it's the same as what im facing... i've done my first rear window job on a 120D and when initially tinted and completed it looked great, the morning after these bubbles have appeared that i can only see in the light reflection, not like a typical air bubble , anyone know what i've done wrong to cause this? i thought i'd done good methodical passes in the squegee stage but these have appeared, i just thought i'd ask before trying to fix it and ruining the job.


photos attached





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19 hours ago, thechief121 said:

Awesome thanks for the advice guys I appreciate it got a orange crush on order I've pretty much just used a yellow turbo for this which is probably why 

Yellow turbo should be ok and i prefer softer squeegees on back glass myself, next time just do more than one pass and put some power behind the last one. You want a softer squeegee for back glass because the defroster and dot matrix are raised and you have to get down in the valleys, a hard squeegee kinda rides the tops. Everyone does it different, this is my preference, i'm not knocking anyone's method. 

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