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no light to cut back window?

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So,you are out doing mobile,a friends car ,whatever,and dont have a light to cut around the matrix?This is and was hands down the best tip I ever came up with! Get a roll of the cheapest electrical tape possible,after you shrink the bk window,squeegee it out completely on the outside.pull half the film off the window and carefully fold it over.clean the bounce off and start going around the matrix leaving about an eighth inch of the matrix uncovered by the tape ( starting where the clear glass ends,matrix begins).Run the tape with your thumb around the glass,if Im losing you here you might want to consider further education.go from 1/2 of the top to the bottom with the tape. Wet the glass put the film back and press it out.You will now see the tape under the film.LIGHTLY go over the film with a piece of 3000 wet/dry where the tape is,and there you have a perfect easy to follow white line around your window to cut on ! No more short cut film! Best shit

ever right there! You are all very welcome,when I started using this tip,havent cut a bk window short since!

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On back glass, I cut with my right hand holding the knife and i also hold 2 or 3 fingers of my left hand alongside the blade with the left most finger at the glass edge, as an edge guide, and i keep that distance from the edge continuous as i cut that side. Other edge of glass my hands are reversed. The top cut is the easiest to practice it. Just mentioning it as an option for blind cutting.

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