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If you are talking about higher heat rejection films, they all will have some kind of hue to it.  Ceramics will have the green or blue nano-layer in them while other higher heat rejection films will have there own color...Crystalline is brownish, Huper is silverish, etc.  The most neutral I have seen is Llumar CTX (blue is very faint at least to me) or Madico Wincos.  I thought Llumar ATC was a neutral charcoal but was shown in a comparison by my 3M rep that it has a slight green hue.


I have only had 1-2 customers mention the blue on 3M CS.  Never had anyone mention anything with Llumar.  3M Crystalline we explain upfront about the brown hue so no surprise there to the customer.


With that being said, as an installer/shop I wouldn't worry about all that as long as the film you are using gets the job done.  It is the equivalent to a customer not happy about how their DOT Matrix looks...IMO you just have to deal with it.

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Not to many customers complain about hue cause they generally don't look at film like we do. It's all really dependant on what vlt you're looking. I usually find films between 15 and 35 look pretty good throughout, it's once you go to either darker or lighter they really show. That being said I use qdp and I'm fine with it and have never had a complaint with it.

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