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Covering my A$$


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I am thinking about including on my work orders a " not liable" check box that confirms that the customer is aware of the state tint laws and has agreeded to proceed with the service.


Example - Customer wants 5% all around yet the law in Florida is 28% front windows 15% rear.

I explain the law and he/she agrees and signs.

I don't want it coming back and biting me in the ass

I just want to give the customer what they want.

Any opinions?

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This is all over the forum. People sign things everyday. If you know in your heart you shouldn’t do it, don’t do it. If you ju want to make money, don’t do it (it will cost you more later). Bottom line is, if a customer signs a waiver, and the film was an issue, it doesn’t put you in the clear. If the court feel the customer is not competent in the comprehension of the waiver they signed (believe me they play lame all the time, I thought it meant this) it can bite you. As now a beware of dog sign doesn’t mean much either (I know because I went to court when one of my dogs bit an idiot. I payed the doctor bill to avoid litigation. Judge said some people can’t read the sign and didn’t know. You feel me?

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