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Getting started with blinds

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Find the local Hunter Douglas. Distributor near you. Set up a whosale account with them and go from there. I have a friend out here that owns one of the franchise shade and blind companies. Most of their stuff comes from China but he makes a nice living. Blinds of some sort are specd in on virtually every new commercial building. If you are familiar with the bid sites and process, there is a never ending opportunity....but sharpen your pencil. 

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Being a HD dealer can cost some serious :money if you are in a populated area. I would suggest looking around for a local assembler/distributor, you may be surprised by how many are around. These outfits typically use name brand hardware/fabrics and have comparable products to bigger names like HD/Levelor but usually at better pricing and no buy-in. A HD dealership seems like something to work up to personally. :twocents 


The best thing I could say about getting into shades and blinds is KNOW THE PRODUCTS. There are so many options and ways to configure them you really need to know it inside and out. A lot of suppliers will have showrooms with their product lines on display, spend some time in them to see what they carry. Get to know the people you'll be calling on for questions, pick anyone's brain you can on what sells and what doesn't, what holds up and what doesn't. Be prepared to invest in samples, people want to see and touch what they are going to purchase. I sold jobs in the beginning without samples but it takes a lot of time explaining and some faith from your customer. When you have sample shades/blinds it just simplifies the process for everyone involved, now selling jobs is MUCH easier. 


I think shades are a great add on for FG tinters, the installations are super quick and easy with no real need for specialized equipment. Screw gun, a few different types of screws and you are equipped to install 90% of the projects.


Go for it :thumb 

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Guess I could expand on that :lol


Solar shades are great for a lot of reasons. Outside of absorption they out perform most films, are safe for the windows and the most versatile solution since it can be lowered/raised when needed. 


Because of that I tend to sell a surprising amount of jobs with both shades and film. The main benefit is that the customer doesn’t have to go as dark with their film selection. Typically we will install 35-50% film with a shade that has a 10% openness. Highly effective when the sun is shining but maintaining decent visibility. 


Cost wise, if the customer is ok with a more basic shade setup I can do it for around the same price as film. Naturally they can get expensive when you start adding cassettes/head rails or motorization, but that is all optional add-ons. 


Good thing to have in your back pocket for the right situations. :thumb 

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