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2019 LS500 DAP pattern.

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Often times we are quick to mention the negative and not often enough mention the positive. Just wanted to give a shot out to the guy that designed this bumper pattern. Not the easiest one to do. Has a lot of edges and different angles. The design was spot on.  @XPEL Jeff if you can relay it to the designer. Thanks for the attention put into this. 


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@Jake that means a lot.  Those guys work really hard and rarely get the praise they deserve when it comes to feedback (like you mentioned, the phone only rings if something ISN'T right).


I'll make sure to share this with the designer and his manager today.  Happy installs!

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1 hour ago, Aden said:

I can't imagine the phone ever rings (for things being wrong) at xpel, xpel kits are unbelievably accurate. Installing them is easy mode (not faster though; more coverage = more time) because they are just that accurate. 


When you're trying to please everyone, it's pretty hard not to rub someone the wrong way.  The detail shops all want max coverage, but the shops servicing dealerships definitely let us know if we are too aggressive with the coverage (and vice versa).


We appreciate the kind words!

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