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Best tint software??!!

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1 hour ago, blackoutauto said:

As for tinting I find they all have ups and downs.

Currently using precision cut 4 and Precision cut 5 beta


My fvd just expired, not gonna renew

Well said for ups and downs. I started out with Tinttek. Great folks to work with and great software. You can easily move the pattern around and know exactly how much film/area you can use on a given size. Software based on Flexi. Patterns are not the best and sometimes off. Call in and report it and two months later...they may still be off. PPF patterns are ok for the most part. Haven't used them to the extent as window film. You can't find a person any better than Cindy Wayne. She is the best period!

FVD has better patterns than Tinttek. I find that all windshields are too big. Doesn't matter which pattern you select short or long the windshields are going to be too wide. They also suffer from same as everybody else...they have a windshield pattern that either isn't close to what you have or it looks close but doesn't work. I find I am much happier these days hand cutting all my windshields. Brett and Brittany are great to work with. The guy who handles patterns, Marcus maybe??, is great to work with. Ppf is not included and costs extra to have both it and window film. 

Precision Cut has the greatest selection of vehicles...you can usually be sure what you are looking for is going to be there as far as make and model. A couple of years ago they changed being able to modify the size of windshield strips. I think all of them now are locked and tend to be only legal width..sometimes you just need them 8 inches!! Another issue is they tend to NOT have a windshield or front strip that FVD will have. Usually their doors and such are dead on good patterns. Everything fits. A couple of years ago that was not the case but they are really working on it lately. Ppf is included and I use these patterns the most..seem to be pretty good. The people you deal with are the least personable. Often times they seem to be bothered if you call them and most of the time you are dealing with someone in customer service and not software department as they usually leave earlier than everyone else. You call to renew and fun things happen like they charge you and then you pay for a day or two without software before you can get it reactivated. You are also subjected to yearly minimums for the privilege of using it. 

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3 hours ago, Tint Slayer said:

Hey man, how you liking the DAP?


I like some things about it and other things I think PrecisionCut does better. For example; with PCS there is (what I would call) a "cut table" where your patterns get loaded to. In DAP there isn't anything like that. Just a matter of adjusting and figuring the differences out.


It did save my butt two weeks ago however. Had a 2011 BMW 328i in the shop and DAP had patterns that PCS did not. Full ceramic treatment too, would have been a big job to not be able to complete cleanly.


If it weren't so expensive and/or business was better, I would honestly consider running both pieces of software.


The kicker with both of them is film. Kind of a "buy film from us for cheaper software operation" type deal.

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