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Need Opinion on Windshields Tint

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I recently purchased a car already tinted with 35% tint all the way around. Looking to tint the windshield but cannot decide between 35% or 50%. Was thinking 50% as it would look weird if the front windshield was the same as the sides and back but I liked the 35% windshield tint I had in my previous car. My previous car was 15% all around with 35% windshield. What do you guys think I should do? 

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I would recommend 50%. 35% looks too dark and could get you a ticket a lot easier than 50% and in some cases will be too dark to be reasonably safe. Go 50% with a ceramic film from somebody...Llumar, Global, Express or whoever is near you to get some heat rejection going and darkness won't matter. 

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