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My trusted mechanic warns me that even the newest versions of PPF will turn yellow over a few years. That on my white car this will be particularly noticeable.  When I asked a local PPF installer about this, they said this could happen but the guarantee covers this and the PPF would be replaced by them.


I double-checked with a different installer who said, "It's guaranteed not to yellow but it may darken. It's not up to me to decide to replace it if it darkens or yellows; the manufacturer makes that decision and let's me know whether to replace it or not."  That sounds like hedging to me.


So what experience do you guys have with discoloration and use of the guarantee?



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most manufacturers now offer 10 years warranty now. Your mechanic is stuck in the past, wrong and closed minded. The paint protection will last but depending on how well you take care of it. If you never wash your vehicle and dont take care of it, then of course it can still stain and change. High end films will be alot more resistant against color change and staining. If you cheap out then it can be yellow on the roll before installing on your vehicle.


I've done many full vehicles that are white from top to bottom and no issues.  otherwise the whole entire car would be yellow.

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i installed film on my girlfriends 2017 bmw 430i when she purchased it 17 months ago and her friends porsche boxter. they are both white and havent turned yellow, both women dont really wash their vehicles maybe 4x a year. 


you shouldnt have a problem if ur using quality film and quality installer. the cheaper installers you run a risk of cheap chinese film, cut marks in ur paint, yellowing and they dont stick around long and nowhere to be found a year from now. ive seen lots of “big name companies “ fail in atlanta. 


heres a pic of my girlfriends car taken this morning and it hasnt been washed in months 


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