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window film inventory

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Depending on what you consider waste. If cutting a 17 inch door off a 20 inch roll, that is just part of the process. If cutting a 17 inch door off a bigger roll, then you have a reason to keep track of it. You question is really gray as to waste.

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I’ve been bad about keeping my inventory lately, but in the beginning I would just log it in a binder. Every roll would have a log sheet with type, size and roll number. List in columns date, job/car info, invoice/work order number and amount used.


Keeping up with what was pulled was tough until I made myself learn to sharpie each pull on the peel board. Would tally it up at the end of the day and then log it in the book.


More recently I had my brother setup a spreadsheet so I could just log them in on the computer and pull up a totals sheet for my whole inventory. Looks like it would work great but I haven’t implemented it yet :embar 


There are a few inventory systems created for window film available. I’m too cheap for that stuff so I couldn’t comment on how well they work. :dunno 

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Only worked for 1 shop that even really tried to keep it accurate. They used “GERS” for inventory and invoices. So, what I did was receive the roll of film into inventory as quantity 100, and then on each invoice that we rang up, sell the # of feet used out of each roll to the customer. It would then subtract that from your inventory automatically. Wasn’t exact but close enough to tell if someone was stealing, or wasting a ton of film.

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On October 1, 2018 at 7:33 PM, tools said:

been marking the pulls on the box...


This is what I do.


I plotter cut so I use the smallest roll possible for each corresponding window. There is some loss associated with everything obviously because nothing is square.


For inventory I write the date I "opened" the roll, then I write how many feet were pulled off and the date again each time I use that roll.


Say I do a car, my box top would look something like;

Opened 10/1

-12 10/1

-15 10/2



This way, when I get past ~55-65 feet, I know its time to restock that roll so I don't cut myself short.

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