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3M Color Stable Legal for North Carolina?

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So guys and gals I'm new to the forum world and don't usually use them but just started my own business and figured I could come here to get some good answers. We just signed on with 3M films and they are telling me that in the color stable line, there is not a "legal" film for North Carolina. Ours can be 32%. He tells me that Color stable 35% will meter about 27-29%. Is this right? They are telling me that if a customer wants their car to have 35% to use Obsidian 40%. I don't agree with this. The customer is paying for the higher grade. What do y'all think? Do y'all have an issue with the CS 35% registering lower than 32%. Thanks guys! Sorry Im so wordy.:thanks

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Your rep is telling you the truth. I install a ton of Color Stable 35 and it always meters at 27-28% installed. As far as the Obsidian line is concerned I'm still transitioning so I haven't used the 35 yet so I can't tell you what the 35 or 40 meters at installed. 

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Well thats unfortunate. I just hate that the customers that want color stable and are paying for that, get color stable on the entire car except for the windows that have to be legal. Makes me look at 3M a little different now. I may have made a mistake. I carried SunTek for 5 years. I thought going to 3M would be better. Maybe I'm wrong????

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Haven't metered it, but I will also concur it will be darker than 32%.  Most films meter higher out of the box than the rated shade while 3M is closer to the actual number.  Llumar is typically 3-5% higher out of the box, so once on the glass, it is getting closer to the expected number.  Take 3M Crystalline 20, it meters exactly 20% out of the box, but on the vehicle, I have seen 13%.  This is why it is important to get samples and do your own testing when you are in a PITA state.  Plus if you don't plan on doing Crystalline, IMO carrying 3M is pointless.  I would carry another brand that will cost you much less.

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I had a few dealerships  in n.c. 

one Honda place was my busiest and when it came to inspections.....32 %was bottom line they would pass ....a car came in reading 31.8 % and they would not pass it...total re-do

I'm no longer there tinting in that state! 



tinting in the snow ?   cool at first ...but I love south Florida !


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