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Suntec Vs. 3M Security Film

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Hi.  I am in the process of getting quotes to film my windows.  One dealer gave me a choice of Suntek 8mm or 3M Security Ultra 800.  The Suntek is 35% cheaper than 3M.  Is there a good reason for this or is it all in the name?  Is this a "get what you pay for" scenario?   I want to slow down potential smash and grabs, and I know neither will keep them out forever.  I am still waiting on another dealer to quote me after Thanksgiving, so I may have future questions about other brands as well.  Any info is greatly appreciated.

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3m Ultra 600 has the capability of Suntek's 8-mil; it's anti-tear technology gives it the edge over standard safety film types sold by others. You have quote for 3m Ultra 800, which would give you roughly the equivalency of any other brand's 10 mil product. Smash and grab protection usually involves 4 or 6-mil products.


8-mil and thicker are used more for break and enter scenarios and with tempered glass requiring some sort of frame to film surface anchoring system to keep the glass from falling or pushed in like a wet blanket. Annealed glass doesn't need anchoring to the frame since it breaks into large shards, giving more surface area for the adhesive to hold to once the glass is broken.

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Something to take into consideration, The skill level and experience of the actual installer, is more important than the decision you make between those 2 films. If the installer is does not cut the film properly..it is inherently weak. Stops and starts in a lineal cut will cause film to tear at that spot..every time. "Superior tear resistance" means absolutely nothing if the installer does not do their job correctly 

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2 hours ago, azaffiro said:

Thanks for the info.  I would like to prevent B&E as well.  I need something that is going to slow someone down enough that they will move on to an easier target.  


  There are so many variables with security film. ..Film alone is all useless by itself. It needs to be attached to whatever it is framed in. If this is a residential application... you may be wasting your money...or have to deal with some unsightly attachment system. If you are able to elaborate on your situation or post pics would be best.. I'm sure better advice can be provided. 

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Go to YouTube and watch different videos of demonstrations to determine whether or not you are making a wise investment. Safety and security film will provide a level of resistance that glass alone simply cannot unless it is a laminated glass.


Also, search data on break and enter; you will find somewhere deep in research there is a statistical fact that most perps will move on to a softer target, if they have not accessed a target within ten seconds. Those that stay longer risk discovery.


Here's a true story of an installation I performed in Naples FL back in the early 90's:


Industrial tool store owner called interested in S&S film for his storefront glass. 8-mil was not available then so, my recommendation was 7-mil, rather than 4-mil, for the window glass and entry door. Anchoring systems were unheard of in those times, as well. They were located in an isolated district with low lighting. They did have an alarm system in place. The store was hit again, door glass busted and wedged open to flip the lock. Glass company next door replaced the glass and I re-installed 7-mil to the inside, 4-mil layer on the exterior. They were hit another time a few months later. This time a 17lb rock was found next to the door that had been pulverized near the lock. The alarm had sounded. The guys were caught running in the neighborhood. This time around the store owner replaced the glass with annealed glass, film and also replaced the lock to be key lock inside and out. The film added to the annealed glass met code in place of using tempered. 


Another story from NYC:

Perps used a forked garbage truck to penetrate a a store window that had 15-mil window film installed to it. It was literally jerked out frame and all. The perps apparently were unsuccessful in getting through by whatever means their first attempt involved.


Moral of the story:

Like Tom said, there are too many variables to accurately project what type of security this film will provide for the user. I divert back to what was said earlier though, most perps will move on to a softer target after ten seconds of attempting entry.

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On 11/22/2018 at 1:41 PM, blackoutauto said:



  That video is somewhat core ya graphed, if the "shooter" pushed the but end of the rifle into the holes. That were shot in the film.. The film would rip and access could be gained within seconds. This is true of all PET films..not just this brand. Once security film is compromised in any way, it is inherently weak at the penetration. 

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