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Got our first Hail car!

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1 hour ago, jh812 said:

Not knocking it on your part but found that exact hood on eBay for 635, if that's all it is. Appears to be the same color as well, primed was only 300.

I was actually thinking the same thing. I mentioned it to the body shop but its not just the hood. Its the hood, roof, bed, and doors. The body shop that we are doing it for told me that a new hood means they have to blend the fenders to the hood. Basically new paint looks very different from old paint. So the hood alone will be around $2k to $3k for them. 

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8 minutes ago, jh812 said:

Makes more sense now, hell insurance is probably paying for it anyways. 

Yup they are. The body shop would rather get it done themselves cuz they make more. But, if the insurance doesnt give them much they have no choice but to PDR. So, we give it to them for cheap and they upcharge 25% or more.

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