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6 minutes ago, TintDude said:

You too Jason! Got anything good in the books?


Nothing cool right now.  Might have an 85 300SL Mercedes on the schedule for next week :dunno   

A new Toyota 86 also on the books, but other than that it's pretty basic lately.    :D 

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Helloooooo my peeps!!! Sorry Ive been absent. I have been dealing with neck issues for a few years and they got worse. I finally got answers, 3 bulging discs from C/7 through C/3 have been causing pain and numbness in my arms and hands. All because I fell out of a truck 17 years ago and landed on my head.😣 Being on my phone and tablet or ipad are a challenge nowadays because it causes that tech nech position of head and hands which then cause me grief.

I had also closed up shop for a bit to take care of my husband who had knee replacement surgery. I had mine done six years ago so it was his turn. 😂 Cept now I need my left knee done and now possibly kneck surgery.😞


A big thanks to Ric @TintDude for checking on me!!:thanks

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