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The Chat Thread

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3 hours ago, Roach said:

Puppy transport came in this morning. I haven't gone in like... forever. Needed a puppy fix. :)








I don't think I'd be capable of walking in there and not coming home with one

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Morning ever E body  :waving   Super Soggy around here and only getting worse.  Worst flooding we've seen in awHile.   :fishing   


Scraping on a '91 foxbody hatch :facepalm   :cleanwindows      

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10 minutes ago, TintDude said:

Hang in there @Bham.




Thanks.   :thanks    We are all a little worried about what's traveling downhill from the rivers.  

The Tennessee and the Ohio are going to let all that extra water go down here and were are pumping it on downstream as fast as we can.  :whew  

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