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On 2/7/2020 at 8:01 AM, TNTLady said:

I did the windshield strip on a Dodge truck, one of the firsts of the lifted ones, and went to slide out but had lost track of where I was and was in a hurry. I tumbled out and landed on my head and shoulders with my feet still in the truck. I got a concussion which changed the vision in my left eye and a wrecked neck. Plus years of constantly jamming my neck by smacking my head getting in and out of cars too quickly. Im also running into difficulty maneuvering around in these new sedans with long sloping rear windows. THAT is murder on my neck.😣


:dang   That's tough.  Sorry it still bothers you.  Relief from something like that is difficult.  :sorry   :console  




Hey,,, :chin   Haven't we heard a story like this before............  @Tint Eastwood  :poke  

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