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9 hours ago, Dano said:

I just cut out am coffee a few days ago. Everything seems a little off. Nicotine sticks aren't the same. Like having nails without a hammer.

I have cut waaaay back. Used to drink coffee all day, no matter the season. Now I’ll do a cup or two in the morning. Wondering if the wife switched us to decaf without telling me :chin

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Morning ever E body.  Friday eve and 3 day weekend eve. :dance  :bbq  :fat :rest 


I'm probably shooting myself in the both feet by saying this,, but I've had some really good customers lately.  
Y'all know what I mean. The ones that are just a pleasure to deal with and not a headache the minute they walk in the door. 

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Happy Friday ever E body :waving   3 day weekend of good weather and good food.  :boogie   I've got a 12lb. pork shoulder and two slabs of ribs ready to smoke ALL DAY :fat  Hope all of you guys have a great weekend.  :murica 

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