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On 4/16/2021 at 5:16 PM, Roach said:

'afternoon all....



Got the pfizer vax last nite. Shoulder is killing me. Had a job today... which not sure if it helps keeping it moving or not. But it was across the hallway from a dentist.. so at lunch I asked them to take my temp. I know one of the side effects is  a fever. 97.3. I feel fine... sans shoulder. 


When I get the 2nd I plan to take the following day off. I wasn't going to get it, but most of my faimily got it already so I figured I might as well. :dunno




Hey Brother! LTNS!

I got my second shot of Pfizer on Tuesday. Same sore shoulder for the second shot the next day and maybe a bit “off” but TBH…I couldn’t say if it was the shot or old age. :lol2 On the other hand, my wife got her second shot yesterday…first shot Pfizer and went with Moderna for the second…she is sick as a dog today! I feel so bad for her…she’s in bad shape. :sad 

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Hey Ric! Good to see you too! Been a while sadly. Life’s been nuts. How have you and your family been? Getting all growed up no doubt. I’d love to see some pics! 
Life’s been crazy for us the last several years, but I guess it’s been nuts for everybody the last 18 months or so. Too many details to go into here…but life goes on. We have our health and business is doing well. Hope you and yours are healthy and happy, brother.

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Yeah, it has been crazy for sure. Always seem to be hanging by our claws, but I know God is at the wheel.

Justing is getting tall and smart as a whip. I'm glad to hear you guys are hanging in there, something tells me we aren't out of the woods yet. 


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