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14 hours ago, Slick said:

she is sick as a dog today!


Hey man!! Seems so random who has side effects and who doesn't. Aside from sore arms, I was fine. My mom was ok.. my sister had flu like symptoms.. my one niece was fine, the other not so much. Crazy...


Had some wicked storms hit last nite... for once not in my area - a bit north in PA/cent Jersey... reports of :tornadotouching down. Supposed to have awesome weather for the next week though.. 80-82, which for Aug, I'll take. :thumb



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7 twisters confirmed in Philadelphia region



That's crazy! 7.... 


I wonder when we'll be saying - 'Remember that movie, The Day After Tomorrow?? -'   :lol



Seems The Simpsons aren't the only show that predicts the future. :gasp



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