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Green turbo

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Just got the green turbo, which I really wanted to try out. At first glance it looked great(flexes like black & feels like yellow) but the edge is slightly uneven in a few spots and rounded some. I called about it and they said its a common complaint and all the green turbos have it.  I mainly use turbos to clean small 1/4s, but not going to be confident the window is getting clean if the blade is dull and uneven from the get go. The blacks always have a good edge.  I did get yellow way, way back that was much worsre and is the reason I never used them much. 

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10 hours ago, CaliTINT said:

I've tried almost every color turbo or similar squeegee and they all suck IMO. Nothing beats the yellow

I guess thats why the yellow is the most popular. I want to get the pink clean in the hamd holder again.  I tossed it and tried to break it months back, but recently tried it again and like it.  Going to use that for 1/4s and ones that are real small Im not squeegeeing; just wipe and flush. 

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Was it the Fusion green turbo or the old style green turbo? The Fusion seem a little more consistent and keep the edge.

I've used the orange crush but kept getting a skipping type of thing on the film, even with the newest version, so i've used it for cleaning. I cut a Orange crush down to about 2" and modified one of those extended blade handles to put the orange crush in it, it worked great until i lost it



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