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Peeling paint

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My 10 year old house has 8 windows facing SE. The paint in the picture frames is peeling off and the tape on the sheetrock is popping off. I looked up tint installers in my area and they don't have very good ratings but I called the one with the best reviews and was told he would not do it because 4 of the windows were 17' off the floor. The next guy gave me some prices. I would like to run what he is telling me by you guys to make sure I made the correct decision. The 8 windows in question are 30"x72" double pane JELD-WEN windows. I am in SC. I do not want to seals in the windows to leak, been there and done that on the last house (no tint). His least expensive option was Fusion 28 which I assume is made by Huper Optik. Since I have had a problem with birds flying into the windows he said this would be the worst choice for that. Next was a ceramic with 55% heat reduction and the best was a select Gray 35  with 70% heat reduction. He said one is no better than the other on the seals. Is that correct? Any advice?

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