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Need help with estimate

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I need help with a commercial tint estimate. 


I will be installing a 5% dual reflective. 


3 windows at 57x66
6 windows at 53x66
10 windows at 55x66 
2 windows at 24x66 
2 windows at 19x36 
2 windows at  58x66


Any help would be appreciated. 


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L x W x # of windows  / 144   


That will give you the sq ft.. so, for example, 36" x 30" x 6 windows would be 45 sq/ft.


Some shops have a per sq/ft price based on what it costs to run their business and what the area can support. $5-$15 per sq/ft is probably an average range. 


You could also figure out how much film you need, figure out how much that film will cost to purchase, add your operating expenses, and come up with a total that way. 


Depending on the size of the job, I use both those methods. There's no right or wrong way, just depends. 



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We never quote "square foot pricing"

We ALWAYS quote time and material for the install and add project related expenses.

We cannot do the math for you as we do not know how slow(or fast) you install.

Is  access equipment rental needed?

What about travel / lodging expenses....??

Are you flying, driving or walking to the site? Is a hotel stay required? You need to allow for the client to pay some part or all of this.

Have you thought about what profit margin you expect?


If a client sent me a list like that I'd ask for elevation drawings and floor plans and if its already built I want  photos of the site conditions.

Being able to reach the glass standing on the floor is one thing. If this is a curtainwall with the glass stacked it is a very different cost in time.

Some sites often have furniture /store displays and other crap in front of the glass. Its not your responsibility to move it but accommodations to work with occupants need to be scheduled.


Is this during regular or after hours?



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