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3M Crystalline Window Tint

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My folks have 70% and 40% Crystalline for their Lexus and performs fantastic! I can only imagine a lower VLT% being much better.


On the Lexus it has a Brownish\Greenish hue to it. That same 40% on a BMW will have a slight Blue\Purple hue to it  (google 3M Crystalline BMW and you'll see a few examples).


Many people in the BMW forums are using Crystalline 20% and 40%it and I have also seen it in person. 20% Crystalline will have a strong blue\purplish hue on a BMW window. Furthermore, I found that Crystalline doesn't have a really "dark" look to it, although it appears to be more reflective than other films. Personally, although I am a fan of its performance, I am not a fan of the way it looks.

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