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XR plus 70%

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I installed Xpel XR plus 70% on the windshield of my 4runner today.  I am VERY impressed with the film.  So much so, I wanted to start a post to talk about it.  The film is not  like any other 70%  film that I have ever installed. 


The film is thick.  2 mil vs the standard 1.5 mil.  It shrinks very well, actually just like the XR or XR+ films that I have installed before.  The added thickness makes the film install very nice.  The film holds its shape better while reverse rolling it onto the glass.  Actually it is the nicest piece of film that I have ever reverse roll installed.  


Clarity. The film is very clear.  During the install, I noticed the film was  super clear.  Usually WS film takes a while to clear up, this film was clear right away.  


If you haven't had a chance to try the XR Plus 70% contact your local Xpel rep and order some.  

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