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Honest Feedback Needed! Redo or Accept it?

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Hi Everyone!


I'm new to the forum and this is my first post here. I am in need of your professional opinions here. I had my little old (2005) Camry’s windows tinted 5 days ago. Not a luxury or sports car but still of some value to me of course. I have taken great care of it. The shop I went to is a local reputable shop.  Very courteous and friendly service with great reviews as well.


Long story short, I met with the salesperson and was told about different film options they have.  The shop installs 3M and BlackMax. I decided to go with what he said was BlackMax Titanium window film which is supposed to be a HP tint. 30 on front windows and 20 on rear windows and back glass. I felt I was getting a good deal.  I paid $350 for the film install + they removed old film from all windows and the rear glass.  When I got home I noticed a few small bubbles here and there. No big deal. They have pretty much disappeared now. 

My concern though is that there are some gaps where the front windows (on the right sides) meet the edge of the door. Not huge gaps but noticeable for sure. The quarter windows also have gaps around them and the tint doesn’t appear to have adhered completely at the bottom of the glass. The tint on the front windows have an uneven gap around both of them at the top. The rear windows tint goes all the way up to the top of the glass and looks great.  I was told they use a computer program and the film is cut to precisely fit the vehicle. It appears to me the tint on the front windows and quarter windows wasn’t put on correctly though. 

I realize I didn’t pay $750 or more for a tint job. I’m. not looking for a perfect tint job either. I just thought that I could expect a little more when dealing with a reputable shop. 

Any advice would be helpful. Should I ask them to redo the tint on the front windows and quarter windows or just chalk it up to a hard lesson learned?  

Thank you in advance for your input!





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Front windows yes those quarter windows though can be quiet difficult to get full coverage without removing them. Unless you can see light from the inside I would be ok with those but like I said the other roll down should be removed.

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Thank you jh812!  I appreciate you taking time to comment.  I can understand what you’re saying about the quarter windows. I don’t see light coming in from the outside. I’m probably being a little picky on those. Those front windows though. Sheesh man!  

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Yeah they really suck, tight gasket around the whole window. I'm sure the front window shifts some if you roll the window down some you can grab the top edge and move it from left to right if that makes sense. However given the top edge it's a definite redo. 

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I took a look at the inside gasket that you were talking about jh812 .  You’re right. Tight fit for sure. I’ m going to call the shop tomorrow and see what they can do for me. I believe they’ll will understand where I’m coming from with wanting the front windows redone.  

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@Combover Some people that post issues with a tint job they have gotten are just being overly picky. I believe are are being very reasonable with your concerns. I understand the quarter windows on these Camry's are quite tight, but i believe they can get them better then they are now. A silver of a gap is one thing, but that gap is a bit big. The front doors are obviously a redo. If the back doors and back glass have been done well that tells me they have the ability/skill to do the other windows better. Politely bring your concerns to the shop  and they should have no problem correcting them. Every person in this industry weather they admit it or not has had a job that they would not be 100% proud of. It's how you take care of it for the customer that will set you apart from the hack shops. Good luck.

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