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What type of file do i need to buy for window tinting?

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I’m on the understanding it is a single cut, cut2, 31slots per 10mm file, but i would like this confirmed, i’m based in the UK and cannot find a supplier of files... well one stockist has it but they want me to buy a roll of film if i want to buy files, they also won’t tell me what the file specifications are.....so annoying!


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Get a longer file for longer cuts and save time-



i use these for the ends that go into the rubber if needed, thin and flat and good for fine control with a slight flexibility to it, could probably us it for all filing-








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Any cheapo set will do the job, I tend to use the flat rectangle one. when it clogs up just run the blade up and down it to clean off the old pieces of film. With the set you can pick the ones you feel more comfortable using.






Homebargains, B&Q, not worth buying anything fancy.





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