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new llumar platinum EXTRA/Suntek ultra DEFENSE?

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On 8/26/2019 at 4:25 AM, alberts316 said:

Suntek is 11mil I believe. the orange peel is not going to fly on a higher end vehicle.  It's good for rocker panels and stuff like that. No chance I'm putting it on a hood without the client seeing the orange peel look.


Have you actually used it or seen it in person??? 


I have used it on rockers with a sample Suntek sent me and the orange peel texture in it looked no different from there other PPF's.  It looked great matter of fact.


It was a little more difficult to wrap around the edges and trim though but otherwise it seems to be a good thick film.  



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I have used the Llumar Extra film and it is 11.5 mils thick.  It is nice for extra protection but it does come with some trade offs.  I did the bed sides of a black Ram Dually.  They are terrible for rock chips on the bed sides.  The orange peel is more than the standard 6 mil window film.  The biggest issue we came across was the deforming of the film when something does hit it. Most likely being on a black truck made it more apparent but there were very noticeable "white" marks from where it got hit by something.  Granted it saved the paint but customers kind of see paint protection as I indestructible barrier.  Also being so thick it does not conform as easily as the 6 mil.  It has its place and works well in those places.  Rockers, spats, fender flares, heavy equipment.

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