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porsche install PPF at factory

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yup.... some porsches will be delivered in US with ppf already installed at the factory, see the delivery tag , full hood, full front fenders, front bumper and mirrors 2700$...
most likely other manufacturer ( benz, bmw, audi , vw ...to start with ) may have that option too....





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Bound to happen, have always said I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a factory option or as technology becomes better some other sort of hardened layer is sprayed on during the manufacturer process. As long as its better then the film they use from factory for the rear impact areas already. The question is who is doing the installs and is it really done at the manufacturer or sub'd out. I thought XPEL was authorized OEM for Porsche?


If auto manufacturers start offering it in house then it is going to affect all installers. Means installers have been screwed by the PPF manufacturers by them selling the product direct effectively cutting out installers. The PPF manufacturers will all scramble to try sell it to the different car manufacturers as that's where the money will end up being instead of aftermarket.


Lets hope it doesn't go that way...

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I feel to be able to do this at the factory level it will need to be dumbed down quite a bit. Meaning the installs will have to be able to be installed by a "worker" not a craftsman. They will not be able to risk peel up after the car ships, so it will more then likely not even be close to the edges. Also any complex curves/areas will have many relief cut and different pieces to accommodate ease and speed of install. It will take business from the aftermarket that's for sure, but it will also make our installs seem that much better to the customer.. I'm sure PPF manufactures will put a spin on it and say how it is beneficial for us and say it will bring a new awareness to the product... I could also see it blowing up in Auto manufactures face, becoming more of a headache then its worth and, will not be a option for long.:twocents

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another aspect would be if the paint is heal enough to put the ppf on it , if not... than who will replace it can end up with some bare metal on their hands....

the car i see was done with template , and other than 2-3 small fingers (mirror and lower lip) was a good install , no stretch lines or miss aligns or impurities . the car was silver.


any repairs or replacements may take a toll on local dealers ....


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Will never happen. I am not even phased.


No car manufacturer will give it as base. 




1. They increase the value of their vehicle in their target market, if competitors don't then they will be at a major disadvantage. Not cost effective.


2. All striping / decals are currently installed AT the dealership.


3. They will be taking money away from dealerships who offer it as an aftermarket accessory from the F&I side.


4. I hate doing dealer work, they want it for dirt cheap but the highest quality in the shortest time.


5. If factory starts installing, my market will only increase and my prices will too because now they will want it like factory *BY HAND* So to replicate instead of now charging $6500 for full car I will bump it up to $8000. :) Only person that loses is the one that focuses on only dealers and uses strictly precut kits. 


6. How will a dealership replicate that install if most of dealership installers slap on precut partial hood and fenders all day? They will call an outside installer and that's when we make them bend over.

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