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Llumar - 3m - Suntek or ASWF

Guest John

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I'm looking to get my car tinted and have been calling around to shops. In my area it seems I've got 4 options on film: Llumar, Suntek, 3m, ASWF. Pricing and ease of installation aside, which of these would YOU choose for your vehicle for best durability/resistance to fading, bubbling & scratching? Scratch resistance is a high priority: I've got 3 kids.  Also, I'm in south Florida and the car is parked outside 24/7. 

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I wouldn't have ASWF in the mix, but the other 3 will depend on the quality of the shop.  Priority is going to be on the installation side of things, with the film itself being a close 2nd.  If you want the longest-lasting film in Florida, I would go with 3M Color Stable which is a Carbon window film.  It will outlast the entire Llumar/Suntek lineup, especially in that state.  The only downside to 3M Color Stable is it does have some Low Angle Haze.  This happens when the sun is at a low angle (morning and evening), it can hit your windows just right and it will have a cloudy appearance.  All window films along with stock glass have this, but 3M Color Stable is a touch more than normal.  Suntek, in general, is the worst for Low Angle Haze.  As far as scratching goes, Suntek tends to also be the worst.

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