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Newbie wanting to practice. What tint can I buy online?

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Hey all, 

I have about 5 personal vehicles and actually more if you include my partners. We work on cars often and are in the VA beach area. 
I want to tint a few of them and I figured I could try to learn a new skill. I’ve had a lesson once before, and am pretty mediocre but hey practice makes perfect. 

When looking to buy some Lluminar or 3M I noticed I had to be an authorized dealer. I don’t know any guys locally that I could politely ask for some pieces cut - so how would I go about ordering some?


i tried some auto part store stuff and it was VERY hard to work with. I got it, but I can’t even find a place locally that sells a sheet wide enough to do the rear glass in one piece lol, and I would after all like some quality stuff that lasts. 


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16 hours ago, no ma'am said:

Express. Click link at top of page under film/inventory. Buy classic black in 25/50 ft lengths 40in and maybe 20in for doors. You can split 40, for car and some truck doors.

sweet! Express window films (they got the blue x in express) correct? I didn’t see the link at the top of the page but was able to navigate google and get some in a cart for $65+shipping. 
I ordered 25’ x 40”.


How would you compare this tint to something that isn’t off the shelf, so to speak? Easy to work with? Creases and heating to the curves back glass are my part time enemy lol. 

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