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Blue Label Olfa Blades are back!!


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Okay guys, I just got off the phone with 1010Tools (Dragon Distributing) and somehow they have acquired a stock of the Blue Label Olfa blades that we all love so much.  


I specifically remember a conversation on here about how the Olfa blades had changed and were dulling quicker, and someone mention that the older ones with the blue label were the good ones.  Well 1010Tools has them.  :boogie    So give them a call and get you some before they disappear again.  :phone   


You're Welcome.  :beer    

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9 hours ago, redneckj said:

You can buy the NT stainless blades. IMHO, they are as good as the old blue label Olfa blades.  If your trimming PPF use the NT BD-20000 black carbon 30 degree blades


I've tied the NT blades and am just not a fan.  The first time I almost got a piece of one in my eye from snapping it, I put them down for good.  They brake and dull to easily for me. 


But, I bet those carbon 30° blades are surgeon type sharp.  :blink 

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8 minutes ago, highplains said:

I don't use the 30° ones but I do use the Olfa double honed black carbon blades for PPF and they are sharp as a 




The 30° blades really came in handy doing that '73 Land Cruiser.  The super sharp point makes it easy to get tight against the hard rubber seals.  :thumb 

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