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Xpel Prime CS

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On 10/18/2019 at 10:49 AM, eastcoastfloyd said:

Anyone been using this for an extended period of time? I use Prime XR on windshields and I love it. I have been using global QDP for 8 years and have no complaints at all but the price it steadily climbing.

How are they steadily climbing?  Just curious with only 2 price increases in 6 years...  and one was January of this year that raised a 40” roll $16.  We use Xpel also but pricing between the 2 films is less than $2 apart on every width roll

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I use it for only a year with no returns,i know its a short period of time but its a start.Also wanna mention that the CS for some reason does not create penauts while other lines of films i carry do.
I had 2 A5 audis and both went crazy with the penauts on the think defroster lines,when i applied the CS got zero.Must be a more aggresive glue

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