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PPF on Natural Stone

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On 10/29/2019 at 4:06 PM, ElementShield said:

Yes I believe there is a strong market for this type of surface protection, its still early on but it will come up. This is what my business is tackling, especially with all the new home construction in my side of FL. In regards to the film that you have used, how long in duration will the film last after application?




It all depends on the application.  If you install it on a residential marble kitchen counter top it'll last longer than if it was installed on a commercial bar top where there may be wine spilled on it every day and never cleaned off. 

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Seems like it would get cut up really easily on countertops wouldn't it?  Most people use a cutting board for food prep, but occasionally something sharp can run over a counter...  Interesting Idea though.


On the other hand, I've heard great things about putting the film on a stainless steel refrigerator door.  Those get fingerprints and scratches really easily, but with the film on them, cleaning the surface is much easier.  (Haven't done so myself though)


I Have put a strip of the film around the outside of my work cart wheels so they don't leave little black spots on my newly painted gray shop floor, haha.  Works great!

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