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Text on window, damaged during retint

Guest subsonic

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Guest subsonic

I brought in a new car to have the windows tinted, with Madico Wincos. Unfortunately, after about 4 days I opened the passenger window and realized the seal was catching on the tint.

No big deal, car has indexing windows when the door is opened, perhaps it caught a finger when the door was opened. Brought it back, they pulled the tint and re tinted.


However, upon removal it appears that they scratched a bunch of the window text off with the razor. Now, I can't stop noticing it. Would it be OK, as a customer to ask them to scrape the text off entirely, (or at least to a uniform level) so the damage doesn't draw attention... or am I being too OCD about this--which is a possibility.


Here's a picture: https://imgur.com/a/o6J4zzd


Thanks for the input.

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Guest subsonic

Dynamic, you described my feeling exactly... it's stupid, but it does bother me. I'll shoot them a message and see what they say. Just wanted to get a sanity check before I did.


Thank you!

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