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How to cut bulk PPF on Model 3 front bumper?

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Most people use kits so you may not get many reply's.  


To do this bumper in bulk, you need to stretch it side to side fairly aggressively, then when you have everything in place and squeeged out you only need to splice the horizontal line, not the vertical line you show in green in that pic....


There's a bit too much to describe over a few sentences but basically trim the vertically close to that vent edge, then once the pieces are separated, stretch it back into that corner into the vent and I trim off the piece just below that horizontal line and in the lower groove then splice in a new piece so you barely see the bottom line only.  


If you call me I will describe it too you better over the phone.  

Find my number on my website.  www.invisibra.net 



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I would use a kit.  There's a lot of stretch at the top but not so much across the bottom so that piece is separate with precuts.  Plus the bottom is likely to get scraped a couple times a year so you just keep replacing that small bottom part instead of the whole thing all over again

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