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What do you do that's different?

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Years back some guy told me when he applies the film he sprays the slip on the glass and unrolls the film right from the roll while peeling off the liner (no slip on film like a reverse roll, just peel and stick, like a reverse roll right from the roll), then squeegees it down then cuts it in place, never saw it done but he says it's "his thang".

Do any of you have some magic method you do that's "your thang"?

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I started using suede microfiber rags (aka surgical rags) and have definitely noticed a difference. I saw a video from Mike Sanchez from Dirty Promotions use one and got the idea. Love it for doing a final wipe on the top edge and side gaskets. Hands down better than a standard microfiber. No sure if this is considered different but it definitely benefits me 

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