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Tinting a large pane solo - using a PS film - Suggestions??

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So I had this window to tint today. The window was 69" x 90" (W/H). I'm about 5'7"... not sure what my wingspan is... but...


The film being used was a 25% film that had PS adhesive.. Wasn't my job - films I use are CDA... So this wouldn't be as big of an issue if I was using a different film.


Anyway... My first thought was to put it on the window next to the one that I needed to tint... remove liner... flip it over.


That would probably work fine, except my gorilla platform was the only one I had, which even if I had another, I'm not sure how I could pivot the piece of film from the one window to the other without breaking my neck, which while I like tinting, I'm not going to risk injury to do so. :lol


I got it done..  how I normally do large panes like this that are PS.... I put the piece on the floor.. .removed the liner, sprayed it down... picked it up and put it on the window. Which I know is super unprofessional... or whatever.... but it came out clean... and I got it done. 


I don't have this situation come up often... but when I do - I just wonder if there is a better way to do it (With a PS film) or should I just do what works for *me* and not care. If it was coming out with dust and creases... yeah... I'd stop doing it how I do it... but honestly, when I do it like that, it comes out clean. 


I was tempted to reverse-roll it... but it wasn't my film and I didn't feel like chancing something that might end up wasting a large piece of film. The PS wasn't horribly aggressive, but more then a CDA film. 



IMG_20191210_102115 (002).jpg

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7 hours ago, Roach said:

Sometimes I wish I was just like 2" taller and another 2-3" on my wingspan. :lol2




I'm 6-2" and probably a 5-8" wingspan. Honestly it doesn't make any difference when you reverse roll things. Just start the rr manually for about the first 18" , roll it back up , stick it on the glass and keep the window real wet. ... we do security film pieces 60x100 solo all the time. 

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4 hours ago, TomTint said:

Honestly it doesn't make any difference when you reverse roll things.


That's true. I need to practice more with PS films... I just don't generally use them unless I'm doing a job for someone else, and I'm not about to waste their film just for practicing. 



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Yup I’m about 5’9 same here I just pull my piece from the slitter  straight top edge I reverse roll it pull the liner about 3 feet spray  the window with plenty of slip apply the film do a T tack along the upper top and right tacked on the middle continue to unroll the film as a spray. B inside of the film adhesive side comes out perfect every time I trim the bottoms after I pull the liner therefore not having to Go back up the ladder and come back down to cut both my edges with the five way wrapped in a very good paper towel like bounty super absorbent. Has attacked the upper portion I also immediately but my top edge with a five way too wrapped in a paper towel to eliminate  any kind of contamination dripping downward . Good paper towels are key though. 

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We did a job this am, 12 pieces 56x108 with white frost .. the top of the glass was about 13' off the floor. RR all of them, those 12 pieces and 6 others of misc size, took us ( 1 cleaner and 1 installer ) about 3.5 hrs. 

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11 hours ago, Roach said:

Did you just straight RR or did you use a dowel or something to assist in it unrolling? I've seen people mention using that method as well.....



Just manually unrolled it as I walked down the ladder. ..spraying the glass as I went.

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