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Need Help in Setting up Commission or Bonus Structure

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Way back, I was paid a straight 35% commission when I was a window tinter working for a shop in Colorado.  They switched me over to a price per vehicle which technically made me more $$ when doing a job for a car dealership, but I got hosed when doing a retail job.. Cost me $2000 the first month and I quit and became their competition.  Haven't looked back since and wish I had worked for myself from much earlier.


Point being, anything that makes a change to someone's already expected earnings (Specifically lowering their pay for whatever reason) Isn't going to go well.  But if they work harder/faster/do a better job and they make more $$ because of it, they are unlikely to leave.

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I was paid 35% off of the total, before tax.  So if I tinted a SUV for $200, I'd get $70 bux.  This was for window tinting, and not sure how PPF would work along these lines, as PPF makes me a lot more $$ per hour than window tint ever did. (Talking vehicles here.. Flat glass probably produces similar $$ per hour to PPF)


For sure, if they learn that they will make more $$ by doing 2 full front wraps a day instead of doing 1 (Without loss of quality of course) Then they make more $$ and you make more $$.  I'd not be interested at all in a regular salary.  In fact, I worked in a shop before where everyone was paid a % except one dude making a salary. Well guess what?  He got all the really high $$ jobs since it cost the owners the same, and the rest of us go the pain in the A$$ jobs, such as the Olds Cutlass Supremes...

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