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Dry time

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I have been tinting for 20 years and I know at the start of winter the rcommercial and residential is going to take awhile to dry ! I use rubbing alcohol and the large commercial squeegees ! Does anyone have a trick to make the bubbles dry quicker


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18 minutes ago, Jake said:

Turn up the heat in the building. Or place space heaters in front of the windows. Maybe. Just a thought.


That’s a good idea ! I’ll give it a shot ! As it is the customer wants windows replaced , I tried to explain that won’t fix anything ! 

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2 hours ago, Ryker said:

What squeegee are you using? I use a wide yellow flat out fusion in a long fusion handle.  Moves a lot of water.

I have a few different ones I’m using ! I start with a soft squeegee then follow with a hard squeegee with a metal handle ! I can’t remember the name ! I heard someone say one time they used a pin hole to drain the water ! Sounds like a bad idea ! But I might try it in a spot see how it works ! 

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