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2020 Sonata


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On 1/15/2020 at 5:25 PM, ami2loud said:

Did our first new Sonata today. Comes apart same as always. Front and back edge on roll downs pretty tight but manageable. Added quarters to front door similar to Fusion. All in all not too bad just little time consuming. Sharp cars tho 


Yeah side seals were pretty tight 

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Looks great.  Getting a 2021 Sonata N Line tinted in a week or so.  I keep going back and forth on 50% vs. 35%.  I don't like too dark and had 35 on my previous Mazda 3.  I feel like 50 will give it a classy look but I'm afraid it might be too light.  It has a giant sunroof that I assume will help lighten it up a bit too when I'm driving, but darken it when it's parked and sunroof closed.  Dark gray, almost black interior and using ceramic and Air80 on the windshield.  What do you think?



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