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ppf vs ceramic coating

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PPF is a film that is applied to the paint which helps prevent rock chips and other heavier damage. Ceramic coating is a thin layer of liquid that is applied to help prevent light scratches.  You can pick either option to keep your paint looking new since it will be protected from the elements, but a Ceramic coating is too thin to protect from rock chips.  Since PPF is also subject to damage from the elements, some people choose to add a Ceramic coating on top of the PPF which helps it remain newer looking for a longer period.  No matter the route you choose, you should expect to do a full detail with paint correction prior to application even if the vehicle is brand new.

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Film is a physical protection, coatings are a chemical protection.  Film actually protects and the other make it nice and slippery and easier to clean.  


A person really does not need to coat over film but this is America so they want the film and the coating super sized and for 1.99 with a  one day turn around...  lol  


after its' filmed and coated they will take it home and wax it to protect the coating.....   and then put a car cover over it in the air conditioned garage.....    the detached garage, not the one connected to the house. 😉







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