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Ocala Car Audio and Tint


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Just wanted to drop a quick post

I own Ocala Car Audio and Tint. We started in 2008 but I have been in the industry professionally since 1995.


We currently and for the last 10 or so years have done 3M window film. A couple of years ago we started to offer Yolo Window film as a value alternative due to the great support of Dan Black. With our 3m we do the Obsidian, Color Stable, Ceramic IR and Crystalline. In the Yolo line we do the Pro, Black and Max but most volume in the Pro line.

We do a good amount of Paint Protection film as well. 

95% of all our film is plotter cut with Film and Vinyl Designs software backed up by the 3m software when it makes sense. Our main tinter has been doing this for 30 plus years and currently we have an apprentice tinter that is doing a great job. 


Our bay is well lit and climate controlled right off the show room. 


Just wanted to put an about us post

2019-04-12 08.46.10.jpg

2019-01-18 09.38.09.jpg

2019-01-18 10.21.19.jpg

2019-02-01 15.12.24.jpg

2019-02-20 10.19.15.jpg

2019-02-21 15.24.31-1.jpg

2018-12-13 15.49.15.jpg

2019-01-15 14.26.24.jpg

2019-03-29 07.21.15.jpg

2019-01-22 10.28.02.jpg

2019-01-22 10.33.11-1.jpg

2019-02-28 11.03.18.jpg

2019-04-26 12.20.16.jpg

2019-04-26 14.11.38.jpg

2019-04-30 16.31.19-1-2.jpg

2019-05-04 17.11.03.jpg

2019-06-04 09.18.03.jpg

2019-06-11 16.59.20.jpg

2019-09-26 13.58.05.jpg

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