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Do you have any questions about window tinting installing Lamborghini Urus?

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Window Tinting LAMBORGHINI URUS YELLOW_Glasstintglobal in Korea 


Window Film Product : Windshield glass Glasstint ShureX 32, Side , Rear glass -OpticW 12


They named Lamborghinisaurus after giving birth to the extinct cows.


This vehicle is high technology.




It has been fitted with three different screens, one of which can interpret your handwriting.


These past weeks we've had many of these Lamborghini Urus SUVs pass by our tinting shops 


thanks  with Lamborghini.







Sometimes even three or four at a time. We like working on the window tint for the Urus as the final 


result really enhances its sporty image.





GLASSTINT window tint company is one out of few window tint companies you can trus to handle your


Lamborghini as our level of professionalism is unparalleled with the use of GLASSTINT PicoEdge Technology when applying.




We only install premium ceramic films and offer film rolls that offer extreme performance and style. As Korea's window tint brand for 15 years,


it has been recognized for its delicate quality by its demanding top customers.




Why did you decide to install the glass tin Sure X tinting film?

Knowledge of experienced specialists determined the type and cost of tinting film.


Windshield-GLASSTINT Shure X 32, side front, side rear and rear windows-GLASSTINT Shure X 12. 


The reason GLASSTINT Shure X is so clear is the combination of Korean QLED optical panel technology.


After all, consumers are sure to recognize the true film performance within a few years of installation.


In Korea, products and installation quality for secondary vehicles are definitely





Do you have any questions about the installation of this vehicle?


Glasstintglobal Brand WebSite : www.glasstintglobal.com

Instagram : glasstintglobal


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