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PPF Pattern Selfmade - How to? *German*

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Hey nice forum,
I'm from Germany and I'm looking for a way to create PPF patterns yourself. I myself have already tested a little and got ApplicationTape (German word) and applied this to the surface. Then I draw the edges with a flexible ruler and scan the sketch. Then I vectorize this in Adobe Illustrator and cut the PPF film with our Summa D160 plotter.


Does anyone of you know how to do this with more complex components and simulate the stretching of the film so that the pre-set fits later?

Thanks for your answers... :)

In the attachment my simple pattern test.


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I use to do this quite a bit to make my own pattern but it just took so long to do and then I rarely got to use the pattern again.  I just started using bulk pieces and hand cutting what I needed.  I know they are now 3D scanning parts into a cad program and manipulating them to create the pattern.  Scanner that can produce a good scan and software to manipulate it and the knowledge to do this is quite a bit to undertake if you are not producing them for circulation and getting paid for it.

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