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Can anyone tell me about global?

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QDP? Dyed, color stable film. 1.5 mil thick. Aggressive adhesive. Great shrink.


Global makes every component of their film. they make the poly for many other companies....


You won't find a better film IMO.  Not for the price for certain.

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We use Global QDP, HP and QDPC and are all great films. I used SG maybe 15-19  years ago so I can't really compare what SG is now but from what I read on here, not too many fans of SG.


Global feels much thicker than most other films that I have dealt with so there was a short learning curve for me to get used to it. But overall great film with no complaints and great distributors. 

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On 2/7/2020 at 1:38 PM, John B said:

Im currently using Solargard but I wanna try global. Just ordered the fast drying does anyone have any info or does anyone know how it is compared to Solargard?

Logistics is One thing to consider when choosing a film supplier.  You wont always find a dealer for the brand you are looking to use in your area.  Especially if you are from Canada it can be more difficult.   Where are you located John B? 

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