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Help shrinking 3m ceramic ir

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I tinted about 50 cars over a year period 20 years ago. I'm not even close to an expert and I'm way out of practice. I worked with Solargard or Sungard back then.


I need some help now though. I'm trying to shrink a piece of 3m ceramic on the back window of my 07 Cayman. The window is fairly flat so it shouldn't be too hard. I tried a piece last night and ended up creasing it in a couple spots. 


When I was shrinking the film I had a ton of horizontal fingers develop. Not on the sides but in the middle of the film. I have a feeling I wasn't heating it proper or maybe overheating it. What's the proper technic to deal with these? They were everywhere, ranging in size from 1" to 8". I tried heating them directly which just made them worse. 


I went ahead and tried to apply the film out of curiosity. 99% of these horizontal fingers went away but I ended up creasing 3 of them. Of course I have to try again. If it happens again I'm pretty confident that I can get them to lay down but I'd rather not have to deal with them in the first place. 


Also, the adhesive on this film seemed really weak. Any advice on how to get it to stick tighter? More heat in the glass, I assume. 


Next time I'm going with Solargard. Thanks for the help!!!

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