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8 minutes ago, no ma'am said:

:bundy  if I have to watch anything frozen related again in the next few days I’m gonna lose it :tv :bat :bat nobody will watch :tv 


We put an end to that shite a long time ago, Once I saw the kind of stuff they had going for kids on TV, we got rid of the TV. She doesn't even miss it now.

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:lol Helluva crosswind there. 

Been looking at it, don’t have the coin to drop on it right now unfortunately. Been putting my plotter to work while I’m slow selling stickers online. Once I get a few more bucks in the PayPal I’m gonna spring for it. Looks fun.

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Y’all seen the Florida man game thing on the face tube?  Type in your birthday and Florida man on google and show results? 16ABFDD5-472E-40A3-89FF-F731D093B378.png.81ad6e829f2b810627cd4f08e6879595.png

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