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6 hours ago, Tint Eastwood said:

:lol Helluva crosswind there. 

Been looking at it, don’t have the coin to drop on it right now unfortunately. Been putting my plotter to work while I’m slow selling stickers online. Once I get a few more bucks in the PayPal I’m gonna spring for it. Looks fun.

That's a good idea 

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9 hours ago, no ma'am said:

Y’all seen the Florida man game thing on the face tube?  Type in your birthday and Florida man on google and show results? 


Here are the closest ones to mine:


November 20: Florida Man Catches Shark That Bit Him, Pledges to Eat It

November 20: Florida Man Steals Two TVs and a Car from Dealership, Drives Through Double Glass Doors into Another Car



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The house next door said they were going to clean their house.  I don't think they hired the right people.  

The crew doing it really likes the number 6 and upside down stars.  It's really dark and there are red candles burning everywhere ?? 


Strange way to "sanitize"  a house ? 

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