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A flood of film mannys

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I would say for us there has been no affect since we do not compete with shops that use these cheap films.  In the rare situation someone says something like another shop has Ceramic film for cheaper, I always ask what brand?  Then explain to them that there are more cheap quality Ceramic films on the market that film than good ones.  90% of the time we still get the customer.  The people that choose to go the cheaper route is usually not a customer we want anyway.

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You need to remember...all these new film brands are not mfrs. They are simply reboxers, they just meet a MOQ order with one of 2 or 3 actual mfrs or converters and away they go. A few of the other offbrand reboxers buy from a importer who supplies them with material that is made in Korea. .. then rebox it. .. In a nut shell, ..if you have as little as 20k to invest... you can pretty easily set up your own line of film. 

 Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying to you or has no idea what they are talking about. 

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