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Dirty gross wood frames

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You have a few choices; Cut all edges as good as possible then brush the flaking crap off,precut the film on the glass leaving an 1/8 border or smaller all the way around , carefully install . If the light gap is pronounced as with darker films you can caulk the borders.

You can clean the edges as good as possible and then tape the frames 

You could make it a 2 stage process by cleaning the frames , then taping the glass for overspray and coating the frame with a sealer applicable to the project

That frame scenario is always labor intensive , so price accordingly 

And it all depends on how anal you or the customer is 😁

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The frames do not look to bad, I would clean the window as normal, flush the edge with my tank and and then squeegee the window from the edge and to the middle and down and dry the edge with a towel, Install the film and stay away from the edge as in do not let water get to the edge while doing so " up to where the film leaves the glass to the frames edge". trim the film from the bottom up and then use a push out card and then admittedly dry the edge with what ever you use to wick the water from the frame. 

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All good advice here. I try to do as much of my clean up dry as possible. These are the extra steps I take

  • cut around the the putty edge first and the dry scrape the glass up to the frame
  • brush loose all the crap off the frames with a dry stiff nylon brush
  • then vacuum the frames and surrounding areas
  • wet scrape glass, squeggee and dry frames with paper towel

from that point on it's a normal install however I do use a peel panel and really wet the adhesive and avoid wetting the glass.

I hope this helps you and anyone else that has challenges with frames like this

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All of the advice above is on point.

Be very clear to the client regarding quality expectations.

Go over with them about the much higher attention to detail required.

Let them know why the price will reflect your efforts.

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